Top Five Coffees

There are five (alive) people I would love to have a lengthy, friendly talk with over a coffee (or three) about their lives. Chances are slim that I will ever get the chance to, so I’ll at least give them honorable mention here. There are, of course, more people I would like to do this with, but as the list might take up a few books, I’ll stick to this five for this post.

Sean Bean and Ewan McGregor

Both have amazing accents and both are naturals on the screen. Both have played wide varieties of characters. Both are awesome human beings. Ewan’s gone motorbiking across Asia (Long Way Round). Sean’s died heroically in nearly all his films. ’nuff said.

George Lucas

George Lucas directed Indiana Jones and he birthed Star Wars. Star Wars alone was the achievement of a hundred lifetimes, but adding Indiana to the list just added to his glory. A lot of people like to put George down for things he did with Star Wars, but I’ve yet to see a film-originated fantasy series that has broken as many records, inspired as many spin-offs, or enchanted as many fans. George’s legacy will stick around for several hundred years to come, and I’m proud to have lived through the prime of the Star Wars film and literature days. I won’t talk about Disney’s new regime. Curiously, I might have had the chance to talk to George over noodles lately in Adelaide, had I driven over there and gone to the right shopping center at the right time.

Matthew Reilly

Matthew Reilly’s a nice guy, and he writes stories protagonized by nice guys who double as decent role models. His books are a little overly popular, perhaps, but he has a life-size Han-Solo-in-carbonite at his house. All sins forgiven. That aside, though, I’ve been to one of Matthew’s events in Melbourne and he’s a cool guy as well as a writer of fun – and stupidly fast-paced – stories. His writing style has affected the way I approach action scenes in my own writing, and I’ve no regrets whatsoever about that.

Andrzej Sapkowski

I’m not sure what kind of a person Sapkowski is, but I’ve got to hand two things to him: The Hexer (Witcher) boasts one of the most amazing settings out of any book or series I have ever read (or played), and Sapkowski colored me stupidly intrigued by Slavic mythology/folklore and Polish culture. I’ve always had a (probably blood-related) thing for Celtic and Norse culture and mythology, but Polish/Slavic is pretty freakishly interesting as well. And Geralt is just a fantastic fellow.

As I mentioned at the start, there’s more people I’d like to buy a coffee for, but these five sit at the top of my list.

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