Rylacian Quotes

Even absolute evil is a source of good things; who can deny the fact that barbaric slaughter brings unlikely companions together as comrades-in-arms?”



An enemy is often more than a mere physical foe to be vanquished; an enemy batters at your mind and opens the way for fear or hate to weigh you down. And sometimes the enemy is not who or what you thought it was.”



In times of war, no place can be seen as an absolute refuge. Any place is vulnerable. Even the strongest fortresses can eventually be overcome by an army with enough resolve.”

-Elder Quelanus


What good does war do for the heart? Feelings and hopes are constantly confused and shattered, mortally wounding those souls that are too weak to endure such a beating. But those hearts that are strong… will either survive to live on or be utterly lost.”



Warriors rise; warriors fall. This is as normal as waking and sleeping; he who chooses the path of a warrior must be prepared to accept death, one way or another. Therefore it is those who never asked for such a life who we should weep the most bitterly; their deaths are never meaningless… rather, they have so much more meaning.”

– Lord Zöphen


Lack of hope consumes the mind; burdens the heart; enslaves the soul. Better to hope for the impossible than to call hope impossible.”



The slightest detail can be the deciding factor between success and failure, health and sickness, life and death.”

-Morebyn Grenbane

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