Flames of Solsgard Again


Well, Kickstarter didn’t really go as planned. But I’ve discovered that Kickstarter isn’t the best option for my writing anyways. So (without further ado) – have a look at my Patreon page, which is where my writing will now be released on a pay-per-story basis. $1 each. If you are a first-time pledger, you will receive the four-story collection Flames of Solsgard; thereafter, you will get my latest story. If you join after stories have already been released, don’t worry! I will release them in eBooks later on. Look forward to having you come along!

Unfortunately, the project won’t be able to launch seriously until there is $50 pledged per story. I may launch the first release before reaching that, but further releases will be irregular at best until then.

So come along and support my Patreon project!

Kickstarting Flames of Solsgard

volsark_kickstarter_3 - website

Vaeland’s tribes have finally been bowed by civilization.

Flames of Solsgard is a little collection of short stories that brings a dark fantasy world to life. The main character followed is Talmere of Nerida, a seasoned volsark. His existence was simple: stand vigil at druidic rituals and protect Vaelandic people from invaders. But when war saw the druids destroyed, Talmere and his remaining brethren were left adrift. Times are no longer easy for the once-honored volsarks; their defeat left their countrypeople with mixed feelings toward them. And as the druids foretold: blood is the beginning of even darker tales.

And Flames of Solsgard is a Kickstarter project. In other words, if you’d like to help me add free content (see stretch goals), you can jump on the pre-release bandwagon!


New Writing

Yup, like I said last post (which was a little while ago), I’m working on a whole new series. At the moment I’m writing smaller pieces, short stories and similar. I’m waiting on some cover art before I put the first compilation up on Amazon, but I’m also brewing something of a surprise as well. Interested?

The first short story collection about Talmere of Nerida (in eBook format) will be $4.00 USD. I won’t be hiking the price up at any time – that will be a solid and final price. However, something extra will be attached to this publication. I won’t yet reveal exactly what it is, but I’ll give you a teaser: your $4 purchase could give you completely free, open access to all my future writing! It’s something I’ve always dreamed of: writing endlessly and having people enjoy my stories for free. But even authors need to eat, right? I’ll be honest, though – there will be a condition that governs whether or not I will be able to make the future releases free.

So here’s to Talmere of Nerida!

The first collection of Talmere’s short stories (and, if all goes to plan, the only collection about him that will actually cost you anything) should be available on Kindle within the next few weeks. It mostly depends on how soon the art is ready. Be prepared for an awesome cover and map!

Here’s an early sketch; it’s not the image I’m going with for the final, but it’s a little snapshot of what’s to come: