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I am Luke, a fantasy author of varied origins; my childhood was spent in several different countries (including Australia, Jordan, and a tiny landmass known as Yemen). The books I loved most were fantasy books. After I had read all the great fantasy books I could find, I had to start writing my own to fill in the gaps. Although I was once limited to notebooks and documents I have found my way online. It’s great to have you here on my site! I used to have another site, but some sad things happened and it got scrapped due to server troubles.

For me, fantasy is easily the most enjoyable form of writing. Depths of knowledge and wisdom are leaked onto the pages and into the characters of well-written fantasy stories. Analogy presents readers with deeper understanding of life and culture. Fantasy has been presented in many forms: fairy tales, mythology, poetry, Viking literature, (especially epic poems, such as Homer’s Iliad and Edmund Spenser’s Faerie Queene), zines, and more. Two of my personal favorites are Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings and Sapkowski’s Hexer (better know as Witcher) books. The former is a shining model of fantasy literature, and the latter is a dark, gritty, culture-and-mythology-thick adventure series.

When I began delving deeper and deeper into fantasy, I started looking for something stronger, punchier, grittier. I ran into Game of Thrones (the books, not the TV show), The Witcher (games and books), and discovered that what I wanted to write – no, what I needed to write – was a darker form of fantasy. Fantasy with dark folk/fairy tale influences. Fantasy that doesn’t shy away from the eerier aspects of stories and experiences. Dark fantasy. So I started writing about Talmere in Flames of Solsgard.


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